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Anime clocks sale!

Posted on 2012.04.30 at 14:32
Location: USA
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I have some anime clocks I need to sell, there all 15$ free shipping in the USA until mothers day is over! Here is what I have available. pm me to purchase.

Cardcaptor sakura:Available
Shugo chara:Available
Fate stay night:Available
Sanrio's Chococat: Available

~My Sales~

Posted on 2009.12.27 at 17:35

Welcome, I have decided to redo my room and evaluate my bjd stuff what I need and dont need to keep. In the next few days I will be adding items so please check back and read the buying guidelines

-I prefer to ship within the USA, If outside the USA please contact me before buying.

-The price limit for an order is 5 USA dollars, not including shipping. Also for payment options I accept paypal (balance method preferred), and personal check/money order at your own risk.

-Shipping will depend on the weight of your items, I ship using USPS or Fed Ex, the approx time of shipping is 7-10 days, I ship every weekend on saturdays.

-Finally please comment when you recieve your order, All sales are final so please think carefully before ordering, to order click the contact me button on the side of the screen or comment here. ^please pm me the personal details^

*Layaway info-Any item $100.00 USA dollar and up can be bought on a layaway. Most items can qualify for a 3 month layaway. Items like dolls may be eligible for longer. Please pm me for more on layaways or to start one. All layaways are done with a small nonrefundable down payment.

^Sales Will start below^

*Anime/Manga*-All my manga is in Perfect Condition,Everything is available unless it is crossed out.

X---Chrono Crusade Vol 1 $8.00
X---Eureka Seven Vol 1 $8.00
X---Now Vol 1 $8.00
X---Kingdom Hearts 4 Manga set Complete Unopened $20.00
X---Gintama Vol 1 $6.00

X---Cyber Idol Mink Vol 1 $10.00
X---Cyber Idol Mink Vol 2 $10.00
X---Last Hope Vol 1 $8.00
X---Trinity Blood Vol 1 $8.00

*Anime/Dvd*-All dvds are in excellent condition, some gently used.

X---Last Exile Episodes 17-20 Dvd $10.00
X---A little Snow Fairy Sugar Episodes 17-20 Dvd ^w postcard $12.00
X---Fruits Basket Episodes 20-26 Dvd $15.00
X---Magic Users Club Episodes 8-10 Dvd $10.00
X---Kodocha Episodes 1-4 Dvd $12.00

X---Wild Arms Dvds Vol 3, Vol 4 $8.00 A piece
X---GateKeepers Dvds $8.50 A piece
X---Chance Pop Session Session One, Session Two, $6.50 a Piece

X---Fate Stay Night Limited Set, 2 glossy pencil boards, Limited Clock ^needs new battery^ And dvd episodes 21-24-$30.00

Posted on 2008.01.24 at 23:31
Emotions: confusedconfused
 Well i had a good day for the most part. My cramps ive been having oddly the past few days have gotten better. But i still have no energy and have the worst time getting up and staying awake X.x I managed to get outta bed 4 pm X.x i always get up to late to have a proper lunch still have no idea what to do. Alot of my msn friends seem down today my customizer aka friend is always dealing with something and my one friend who is usually so happy has been depressed the past few days, she wont talk about it so no idea what i can do X.x

Posted on 2008.01.21 at 20:09

Just a random image of my sd13 sakura ^^ shes in her new punk outfit she recieved for xmas. The trees colors ^it lights up^ didnt come out right so good old photo manipping gave it some life ^^

Posted on 2008.01.21 at 19:24
Emotions: hopefulhopeful
 Omg last week was such a nightmare, way to depressed to do much. Lost my boyfriend due to a stupid fight and lost my good friend due to her schooling. Im trying to recover but it hasnt been easy X.x

Posted on 2008.01.19 at 01:38
Just finished fixing up my layout what do you all think? 

Welcome to LiveJournal

Posted on 2008.01.15 at 00:00
Emotions: restlessrestless
Tunes: FRNK Radio
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Amekittysmall.png picture by jennagra

Well my one friend finally got me to join this thing XP. I suppose im in a blah kinda mood right now. I was fine till my dad got home and turned into mister ugly and upset me again. Used to that by now though. I finally ate dinner though at least. I talked to my good friend data and she cheered me up. ^pokes her. Thats all for now i guess XP